• Handmade Bracelet
  • Made of production surplus Corian
  • Small/Medium: inner diameter 6.5cm
    Medium/Large: inner diameter 7cm

Lithos Collection

Lithos is inspired by our everyday urban environment. A collection that celebrates, through harmonic and simple shapes, the complexity of our current world.

The materials used make the jewelry pieces look very heavy, while actually they are very light and easy to wear. 

Inspired by natural materials that have been the building blocks of modern architecture (marble, terrazzo, and stone) this AR.M collection challenges the connection between earth-made and man-made materials. 

What is Corian and where do you find it ?

Corian is actually a brand that offers solid surfaces, commonly used in interiors. The material is composed of polymer and bauxite (a sedimentary rock that consists of many aluminium minerals). 

Corian is a very lightweight and durable material. 

We only use surplus pieces, that we source from a small, family business in Greece.


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