Gift Giving is your jam ♡

you love getting your gifts right and want to make your loved ones very very happy with them. I am totally on the same page!

There is no better feeling than when a loved one's face lights up when opening their presents, right?

Here is the perfect Gift Edit for your sophisticated lady.


The Mini Pearl Earrings // from €95

you can hardly go wrong with a simple and elegant design like this one. Perfect for wearing everyday and for many years to come. Pearls are a timeless choice and the Mini Pearl Earrings are adding a geometric, yet elegant twist to the classic pearl earring design.



The Miró Pearl Bracelet // from €120

an eye-catcher that goes with everything. Half of the bracelet is channeling a more traditional take on a pearl bracelet, but half way through it is interrupted by a geometric chain, only to end on a splash of blue. A perfect gift for the traditional pearl lover and the more modern jewelry wearer as well.



The Minimal Pearl Necklace // from €85

subtle and fine with an architectural twist, this necklace makes a great gift. Seasonless and easy to wear from day to night, you will definitely make a girl very happy with this one.



The Jacket Hoop Earrings // €140

the best seller of the latest collection, and thus a very safe choice to get as a gift. A more geometric approach to the all-time-classic hoops, featuring an unexpected hanging element on the closure. 


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