A Guide to Wedding Rings for Same-Sex Couples

A Guide to Wedding Rings for Same-Sex Couples

A Guide to Wedding Rings for Same-Sex Couples

Planning your wedding is an exciting journey filled with love, joy, and a plethora of decisions to make. Among these decisions, choosing the perfect wedding rings to symbolize your commitment to each other stands out as a significant one. Having had the privilege to work with numerous same-sex couples, I've encountered some recurring questions and considerations that arise in this process.

As a gay couple, you might find yourselves facing concerns when it comes to selecting your rings. Unfortunately, the wedding chapter has only recently opened for same-sex couples, and as such, traditions have yet to fully settle.

Let's dive in together to explore our guide to wedding rings for same-sex couples and address some of these concerns, concluding that you're free to choose your wedding rings as you please.

Should Your Wedding Rings Match?

A common question that arises for same-sex couples' wedding rings is whether they should match or not. The answer? It's entirely up to you!

Matching rings can symbolize unity, but there are no strict rules dictating this choice. Some couples cherish the idea of matching rings, while others prefer expressing their individuality through unique designs.

In my opinion, achieving "matching" can be done in various ways, and you shouldn't focus on choosing identical rings.

Breaking Gender Stereotypes

Traditionally, wedding rings were associated with specific genders, with certain designs or styles deemed more masculine or feminine. But love knows no bounds, and neither should your choice of wedding rings.

Feel free to break away from outdated stereotypes and choose rings that resonate with you as individuals. Whether you prefer sleek and modern or classic and timeless, the perfect ring is the one that speaks to your hearts.

Embracing Unconventional Designs

Why conform to a standard when it comes to your wedding ring? Embrace the opportunity to choose a ring that tells your unique love story. Explore unconventional designs, incorporate gemstones, or opt for non-traditional styles.

I've had the pleasure of designing wedding rings that resemble engagement rings, featuring gemstones, and witnessing the sheer joy of my clients upon receiving them.

Your wedding ring should reflect your personalities and the journey you've embarked on together, so let your imagination go wild!

Specialization in Creating Connected Rings

At AR.M, we specialize in crafting rings that connect in discreet, original, and timeless ways. We believe in each person choosing the ring that resonates most with them, and then enhancing it by incorporating their unique story. From intertwined designs to complementary engravings, we're here to help you create wedding rings that beautifully reflect your love and commitment.

Ready to embark on the search for your perfect wedding rings? Remember, the most important thing is to choose rings that bring you both happiness and excitement as you begin this new chapter together.

Schedule your virtual consultation today and let us bring your dream ring to life!


A few examples of wedding rings we have created for same-sex couples over the years:

Arne & Laurens
We created a 18k Yellow Gold Wedding ring set with minimalist engravings inspired by their initials.


Fenna & Sigrid
We created a 14K Yellow Gold Wedding ring set, with two half-circles that connect and complete each other.


L & E
We created our signature interlocking wedding ring concept in 14K Yellow Gold.


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