New UNITY Collection

New UNITY Collection

New UNITY Collection

I am thrilled to announce the launch of our new collection, UNITY.

Unity is a unisex collection of essential jewelry designs that can be worn on a daily basis and cherished for life.
Inspired by the genderless & seasonless nature of jewelry, I created a collection to be worn and loved in multiple ways.

The Unity Collection finds balance between timeless and statement pieces, featuring signature AR.M elements paired with all-time classics.

The starting point of this collection was a simple yet tricky question “what jewelry does every jewelry box need?” And the answer, while difficult, was simple; “the jewelry that have been around since ever”

A Classic Pearl Necklace, a traditional Talisman Necklace for good luck, Small Pearl Earring Studs, Signet Rings… All designs that are timeless, versatile, sophisticated, seasonless and modern heirlooms.

Inspired by the purity of simple geometries, I challenged myself to re-create all these old-time-classics and bring them into the AR.M universe.

The Oval Element of the Hydra earrings, first seen in my collection in 2017, has been a clear design reference allowing the Unity collection to feel as a natural continuation of our previous ones.

And while Signet rings have been worn on the pinky finger by all genders throughout history, I decided to offer them in a large size spectrum in order to accommodate different styles and needs.

All designs are made out of high quality materials, such as sterling silver, gold-plated silver, mother of pearl and freshwater pearls, in our very own atelier in Athens.

Model Photos & styling by Anna Rosa Moschouti -- models: Elina Mavrommati, Sophia Mapentzidou, Leonidas Gargalis
Product Photography: Alexandra Kouziaki