On Future Plans, Sustainability and more

On Future Plans, Sustainability and more

On Future Plans, Sustainability and more

Ever since I remember my self within what now is called AR.M, I’ve had a pretty clear vision on how I would love this business to grow.

I’ve dreamt of having my own production atelier where everything is made fully in-house. I’ve dreamt of having a creative team to which I can offer an inspiring working environment that enables personal growth. And of course I’ve dreamt of offering beautiful, timeless designs that you can wear for life and can accompany you in your most dear moments.

I started my journey as a jewelry designer like most do; making everything myself.
And while I enjoy my time on my workbench, bringing my design ideas to life with my own hands; producing myself all pieces that go out to the world has hardly been part of my long-term vision. Thankfully, with my business growing so has my team and I proudly have a loving assistant, Amina, and a skilful jeweler student, Urzula, to help with production.

During these past years, making sure our products are being made under fair conditions, by people who like what they do and are fairly paid has been my priority along with sourcing all our materials in the most responsible way possible.

For me, sustainability doesn’t only mean environmental friendly, but also ethically made. It has to do with running a business with integrity, sourcing your materials from reliable suppliers, supporting the local and the weak economies, offering fair priced products, being transparent to your customers and a lot more.

At AR.M we do many things to minimise out environmental footprint; from using recycled materials to working with local suppliers to reduce the CO2 emissions caused from our logistics. Most importantly, we focus on offering quality products that can last for years and educate our customers of how to prolong their lifespan by properly taking care of them.

In the spirit of honouring my roots and following the vision I have for AR.M, I have been working behind the scenes on building my own production atelier in Athens, Greece, where hopefully soon all the collection pieces will be made.

The past few months I have started the process of turning a small space I inherited recently from my grandfather, into my very first jewelry production atelier where all AR.M pieces will be produced under one roof.

It is my goal to make this atelier fully independent and self-sufficient in the sense that I want to minimise the amount of external suppliers and businesses we rely on for our production.

That will allow me to have even more control on the quality I offer and more freedom on how our processes are taking place, ensuring the best possible results.

Throughout the past year we have outgrown our small production corner in our Flagship Store, fact that limits the production capacity we have, and thus many of our designs are often sold-out.

By having a dedicated space for production makes a lot of sense and since I inherited the atelier from my grandfather it felt natural that I would honour him by using the space in a creative way as well.

It has been a clear vision of mine to create a place that can enable us to offer you even more designs, in the quantities that our demand suggests.

I am even proud to announce that I have already found the magical person who will run this production atelier in Athens, and I am beyond excited to enter this new era starting this summer. Her name is Sophia and I couldn’t be happier with this addition to our team.

For me it has been highly important to include you in my journey and it felt only right to share all this with you through this letter.

That being said, I am thrilled to take you with me in this new era that we are entering.

Anna Rosa

_ portrait by Studio Leau