I am very excited to announce the launch of my new collection TRANSCENDENCE.

The term TRANSCENDENCE describes the move beyond our ordinary limits in a spiritual or physical way.

The collection is inspired by the juxtaposition of nature-made and man-made shapes.

From a pebble or crystal that need years to naturally obtain their shape, to hand-created forms that require a humble approach to be sculpted in an authentic way; the TRANSCENDENCE collection conveys the story of becoming something new.

For creating AR.M’s new collection, we employed the ancient wax carving and lost-wax casting techniques. All designs were hand-sculpted and therefore carry imperfections, like everything in nature.

The TRANSCENDENCE collection is the first AR.M collection where the prototypes have been completely made by hand without the use of 3D modelling. 

We have divided the collection in three phases that translate in 3 drops. Starting with Drop 1, we are focusing on the portrayal of natural forms in solid silver.

In Drop 2 we will introduce real stones and crystals, to illustrate the contrast between earth and man made forms even more. 

And lastly, in Drop 3 we will celebrate the uniqueness of crystals through a short series of limited edition pieces, specially made for the holidays.

As usual, all AR.M jewelry are made responsibly with recycled metals in our own production atelier in Athens, Greece. 


Model: Julie Vilé
Make Up: Kora-Lee Lust (Peaufine Antwerp)
Photography + Styling: Anna Rosa Moschouti