Welcome our Initial Necklaces

Welcome our Initial Necklaces

Welcome our Initial Necklaces

Modern symbols of (self)love, created with care to be worn everyday.


I designed my own alphabet inspired by AR.M's minimalist logo.
I created this logo back in 2017 in order to communicate my brand's values in a subtle yet straight forward way.

For me it illustrates the simplicity I strive for in my designs.
And I hope this is coming across to you too.

Creating a unique alphabet has been in my mind for a very long time. When I was younger - and obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw - I had a name necklace like hers and it felt super cool.

As a designer I aim at creating simple pieces that hold meanings that are never too literal. Therefore designing an Initial Necklace was a challenge.

The AR.M Alphabet is simple, linear and it leaves room for different interpretations.

I've been wearing my A all summer and I really love layering it with different pieces as well.

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