AR.M x BELvue Museum AR.M x BELvue Museum

AR.M x BELvue Museum

AR.M x BELvue Museum AR.M x BELvue Museum

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the BELvue Museum through the great team of Belgunique, for their exhibition "BELvue Inspires Belgian Talent".

Each of the 22 designers who took part in the project had to choose one of the iconic and historic objects that are displayed in the permanent exhibition of the museum and offer a current version of it through their own perspective. 

It goes without saying that I chose the "Maison Belge" series of Jos Delbroek. The materials in combination with the primitive and basic shape of the houses really spoke to the architect in me. 

"La Maison Belge", Jos Delbroek

Inspired by the trio of marble and stone houses, I chose to work with Corian - a synthetic alternative to marble mostly used in kitchentops and interiors. As usual, I used some extra pieces I had left from my normal jewelry production to avoid creating unnecessary waste. 

In terms of the design itself, I wanted to find a way to give an extra use to the little objects, hence they became brooches. The scale difference is very cute too :)