AR.M ANNA ROSA MOSCHOUTI is a fresh jewelry brand by architect and designer Anna Rosa Moschouti.

Focusing on the importance of thoughtful design, responsible sourcing and honesty, we offer a well crafted collection of contemporary accessories.

All of the products are carefully constructed in our own production atelier in Athens.

We believe in producing and consuming thoughtfully, therefore we source our materials from small businesses located in Belgium and Greece, and we always buy in small batches in order to reduce unnecessary waste.

" Born and raised in Greece by a Dutch power-mom. I was taught from an early age to seek beauty in my environment, and when I couldn't find it, to create it.

I studied architecture and while I loved my studies, I always felt disconnected with how architecture was practiced in real life. That urged me to experiment with other aspects of design + creation and that's how my love for jewelry design emerged.

AR.M was born from my desire to bring my ideas to life using my own hands + create my own small aesthetic world.

I have been fortunate enough to see my brand grow into a beautiful community of people who love design. "

- Anna Rosa