The Studio

AR.M ANNA ROSA MOSCHOUTI is a fresh brand that believes that minimalists can make a statement too.
Focusing on the importance of thoughtful design, responsible sourcing and honesty, we offer a well crafted collection of contemporary accessories.
All of the products are carefully constructed in our studio in Antwerp by Anna Rosa herself and her skilled team.
We believe in producing and consuming thoughtfully, therefore we source our materials from small businesses located in Belgium, the Netherlands or Greece, and we always buy in small batches in order to reduce unnecessary waste.
We believe that each handcrafted product holds a piece of its maker's story. That's why we truly cherish the production procedure. We strive to keep our working environment nice, to work under good conditions and to allow time for our designs to be made properly - so that you can wear them longer.
We cherish simplicity, but we believe that simplicity doesn't equal ordinary.

The Designer

Three years ago, Anna Rosa Moschouti was studying architecture in Greece, dreaming of becoming a successful architect.
Little did she know that two years later she would quit her dream job as an architect in the Netherlands, in order to fully pursue her side-job of making statement jewelry.

myLifebox, her first jewelry line, was born out of her desire to turn raw, non-precious materials, into striking accessories.
With her mother being a stylish and talented interior designer, it was impossible to avoid growing a soft spot for contemporary design and fashion.
However she wouldn't fully embrace her fascination in the field until she'd move to Antwerp; a city widely known for its fashion and jewelry industry.
Studying architecture gave her all the necessary tools to explore her aesthetics and design skills; she got in touch with technologies such as parametric design, laser cutting & 3D printing, things that highlighted even more her need to use her hands instead of a computer and she discovered her big love for good craftsmanship.
In 2017 Anna Rosa deemed it is time to take a more professional turn by establishing her eponymous brand under which she explores in greater depth her connection with her craft and the fashion industry.
Her new brand, AR.M ANNA ROSA MOSCHOUTI, comes from a more empowered and confident place. She envisions to offer a great variety of everyday design jewelry and accessories, while putting her architectural signature more evidently in her work.