your modern day jeweler

We are passionate about creating jewelry that celebrate your dearest moments.

Our goal is to provide you with designs that feel like a part of you.

That's why we use only the finest metals such as sterling silver and solid-gold, to ensure your jewelry can be treasured for years.

Our collections are inspired by classic pieces that have been given a modern twist with architectural lines.

We understand that each piece of jewelry tells a story and we are here to help you share yours.

Whether you are looking for a timeless piece to wear every day or something special to mark a significant occasion, our jewelry is crafted to make you feel truly adorned and celebrated.

Anna Rosa:

" Born and raised in Greece by a Dutch power-mom. I was taught from an early age to seek beauty in my environment, and when I couldn't find it, to create it.

I studied architecture and while I loved my studies, my impatient spirit felt disconnected with how slowly architecture was practiced in real life.

That urged me to experiment with other aspects of design + creation and that's how my love for jewelry design emerged.

AR.M was born from my desire to bring my ideas to life using my own hands + create my own small aesthetic world.

I never dreamt of being a boss or entrepreneur, but I always dreamt of having a team and share beauty with the world. "

- Anna Rosa

the AR.M team

AR.M is being run by three enthusiastic women.

On the Antwerp front; in our flagship store, Amina is there to always help you with the hugest smile in the world.

In our Atelier in Athens, you will find our skilled goldsmith, Sophia, making all your jewelry from scratch with tons of love and dedication.

Anna Rosa, the founder and designer of the brand, lives between Antwerp and Athens, facilitating this connection and dividing her time between creativity and entrepreneurship.

jewelry for everyday + forever ♡