One Outfit Three Ways: The Power of Accessorizing

One Outfit Three Ways: The Power of Accessorizing

One Outfit Three Ways: The Power of Accessorizing

Correct me if I'm wrong, but nowadays we modern women have less and less time to change outfits throughout the day - yet we strive for looking fresh & dressed for the occasion.

Unless you work somewhere with a super strict & formal dress code, you most likely prefer to be more comfortably dressed during the day and dress up a bit afterwards.

For those of you who are natural morning people though, outfit inspiration might come easier in the morning, rather in the evening after a long working day. I know that's the case for me and that's why I try to take advantage of it as much as I can.

What I like to do is to put together a neat, comfortable yet classy outfit in the morning and change things up according to where I need to be throughout the day.

How Accessories Change an Outfit - AR.M Jewelry

The firsts things I need to do after I wake up, are to walk the dog, get coffee, run to the post office and other general errands. The last thing I need while doing those, is to wear uncomfortable shoes or be too dressed up.

I'll always choose my Stan Smiths over any other pair of shoes in the morning. Although I wish mine looked as clean as the ones on the photo ;) And since I need to carry a ton of things with me, I'll always choose a nice backpack.

However you never now who'll you bump into, right? And fortunately being comfortable doesn't equal looking messy anymore. That's why I choose to wear the MAASTRICHT necklace, in order to add some structure to the outfit. And the bonus point is it's very light :)

Outfit: Elizabeth Suzann | Bag: Need Supply | Shoes: Adidas from Need Supply

How Accessories Change an Outfit - AR.M Jewelry

Depending on what your job is, you'll might need to adjust a few details. For me this outfit is more about going to business meetings, than actually working. Although I've found a trick to keep all my clothes neat while working at the studio. Because some days my schedule has me both running to meetings and making jewelry. And it's practically impossible to change clothes all the time. So I have a working shirt/robe that I put on top of my refined outfit in order to protect it from stains etc.

I know some of you prefer wearing heels at work, but for me these kind of flats are my go to for a semi-formal semi-casual outfit. 

One of my main goals at business meetings is to make an impression, so I'll wear my MOTH necklace -- it's always an eyecatcher and sometimes an ice breaker too :)

Outfit: Elizabeth Suzann | Shoes: COS | Bag: & Other Stories

How Accessories Change an Outfit - AR.M Jewelry

My trick in order to make it out for drinks after a long working day is to not to spend too much time at home before going out. I usually stop working around 7pm, so the timing is ideal. I come home, change a couple of simple details, freshen up my make-up and I'm ready to go.

If I stay home and start Netflix -- well, that's it!

For me a pair of heels will already make a huge difference on the outfit. I'll also downsize my bag, for a more delicate result. 

Lastly I'll mix two of my favorite designs, the KOS earrings in steel & the SAMOS collar necklace in steel and cotton. They are both round and delicate -- perfect for a night out!

Outfit: Elizabeth Suzann | Shoes & Bag: COS