Re-Brand: From myLifebox to AR.M ANNA ROSA MOSCHOUTI

Re-Brand: From myLifebox to AR.M ANNA ROSA MOSCHOUTI

Re-Brand: From myLifebox to AR.M ANNA ROSA MOSCHOUTI

I feel that I have talked a lot lately on most of my social platforms regarding the recent re-brand and the decision process behind it. However, I also feel it's right to put all of the thinking in one place - making it easier for you to understand all the whys and hows.

For starters, it is good to know that myLifebox started more as a side-gig when I was still studying architecture in Greece. I always dreamed of becoming a successful architect and it was not my plan to run my own jewelry business.

Studying architecture is very inspiring. I firmly believe that it shapes the way you perceive the world. It is enlightening, demanding, fulfilling and hard. It gives you the tools to build worlds. To build you own world or other worlds for other people to live in. It is powerful. 

All these and much more made it difficult for me to even consider following a different path. And yet here I am.

It is so true what they say about "life is what happens when you're busy making plans". That's exactly what happened to me. I planned hard on how I will achieve becoming a super successful architect. I found an amazing job alongside one of the most talented architects I've ever met. 

And yet I couldn't let go of my jewelry "hobby". Instead of leaving it behind, I rented the studio next to the architectural office, hired two employees and checked them every hour while I was working next door. I know. CRAZY!

That was one of the first alarms. I didn't quit jewelry. I held on to it tight. Which meant one thing; I wasn't 100% fulfilled by my day job. I had more aspirations and dreams. I saw myself running a company that empowers women. I saw myself creating a strong team that adores design and good craftsmanship. I saw myself in so many different roles, yet not the architect one. 

It was a difficult decision to make, but I did it. I quit architecture and moved to Antwerp where I felt the design scene was more in line with my aesthetics. 

As scary as it was, it is by far the greatest decision I've made regarding my career. 

However, running a business called "myLifebox" didn't make sense anymore. That name came from a long-forgotten blog I had when I was studying and didn't resonate with anything I'm now standing for.

Putting my name on the business is bold and sometimes overwhelming. It creates an immediate connection between you and me. It makes me more responsible about what comes to you when you order from me. And that's what I want to highlight.

Every design you order is carefully designed and handcrafted under one roof. It is made by real people, responsibly and with love. From the concept stage to the packaging, everything is being done with you in mind.

That's important to me. And hence the re-brand! I want you to always know who is behind the jewelry you receive! It's me, Anna Rosa!