WEAR ME #13: Weekend Coffee

WEAR ME #13: Weekend Coffee

WEAR ME #13: Weekend Coffee

This outfit can easily become my uniform. Well, to be true, my uniform is quite close to this.

First and foremost, the ANAFI necklace is by far my favorite lately. I wear it almost everyday and I'm getting tons of compliments on it. I love it because the variety in copper shapes adds some extra playfulness to my looks, but the colors are so subtle and close to the skin tones that it's not to much.

In other news, today is Belgium's National Day and we get to have the day off - which means "Hello long weekend"!

My plans are to spend some time experimenting with new manufacturing techniques I have in mind for the next collection and get some Q-time with my boyfriend. And ultimately relax!

What about you? Do you have any cool plans for this weekend? Let me know in the comment section below ;)


Necklace: BEIGE ANAFI 

Bag: Building--Block | Coffee Press: YIELD | Sunglasses: KOMONO