Wear Me #3: Indigo Vibes

Wear Me #3: Indigo Vibes

Wear Me #3: Indigo Vibes
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Putting this Wear Me collage together made me feel a bit home sick, I have to admit. All the blue hues remind me of the sea and the Greek islands I really miss lately. Although I’m really into winter and I’m very excited that Christmas is around the corner, for some reason when I think of Greece in the summer I can’t resist but sigh.. 

Anyway, summer or not, blue indigo is one of my favorite colors and especially when it is casually combined with gold, right? These earrings are a new feature on the shop and their name is Blue Kithira (named after a beautiful Greek island). 

However the most interesting part of this new series I’ve developed lays in the fact that I get to discover new shops and talented designers. I always had this false impression that behind brands there was no particular person (!) and only after I launched my own collection I realized the effort, courage, energy and talent that is needed to make your work speak for itself, be liked and appreciated by others, and bottom line, have a successful and profitable business. 

That being said, I might admire brands such as Acne Studios and Maison Martin Margiela, because of course they are top at what they offer. I also enjoy wearing and buying clothes from brands such as Zara, because most of the times they have value-for-money pieces. But the satisfaction I get when I buy something from an Etsy seller, that I know that has worked on the item I bought with his soul fulfilled with positive energy and creativity, is priceless. 

Oddly enough, all this long speech derived from the fact I found Cole Hands on Etsy. Check them :)