Wear Me #6: With a Splash of Brass

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Well, for almost one year and a half I’ve worked solely with copper tubes. And while, I have to admit, copper is still my favorite metal when it comes to designing, I have realized that it doesn’t make any sense working only with that when I can use brass or steel as well. Given the fact that many people prefer wearing silver, while others wear only gold, I thought it would be a good idea to widen my variety as well. 

The necklace pictured above is called BLACK UTRECHT and I just listed it on my shop! I think it is my new favorite. I don’t know exactly why I wasn’t designing shorter necklaces before. But know that I do, I love it.  

Also, e x c i t i n g   n e w s : I finished the design of my lookbook and I’ll share the whole process behind it soon with you guys! Plus, I designed my new business cards and they just arrived…and they rock! Simple and yet lovely :) 

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