News: We are Moving to a New Studio

News: We are Moving to a New Studio

News: We are Moving to a New Studio

Exciting news!! Ι finally signed the lease and myLifebox will be moving to a fresh new studio space in the beginning of February!

After our move from Haarlem, The Netherlands, to Antwerp, Belgium - I have been working from my place and it's been hard. Huge shout out to my boyfriend who was patient enough to live among boxes + endless meters of rope. This wouldn't have been possible for many.

Now, let's talk interior design, shall we? My inner architect is thinking sooo many different things, so as you can imagine I have already started collecting inspiration on Pinterest.

What we know about the place? Well it used to be a painter's atelier so the floor is covered with white paint - which, for some ridiculous reason, I love! It gives a more industrial feeling to it and it matches perfectly with the white walls. It has no windows, BUT - stay with me - it has a glass rooftop! So plenty of light coming in while having more wall space, which is always good for storage solutions.

Also, I have already purchased a dark green sofa and I'm planning on having many many plants next to it. 

The tricky thing is to manage to have a nice space that can double as a showroom or meeting space and as a production studio. I know I can do it, but it needs a lot of work to achieve it.

But i really want it to be accessible to customers. It doesn't have a storefront and it's not in a commercial area, but I know that many of you who are located in Antwerp would rather pick up your orders than paying the shipping. I know I'd prefer the same too. 

So, I've decided to share a lot about the process of the transformation! Hopefully it will be inspiring and if you have any cool ideas - or know any secret heavens where i can buy superb new or vintage furniture, fire ahead! i need to know them!

- this blog is written by Anna Rosa, the founder and designer of myLifebox Jewelry.