Studio Life + Progress

Studio Life + Progress

Studio Life + Progress

hi there :) well it's been almost a month since I shared the big news about moving to a new studio...and here we are two weeks in! It needs loaaaads of work to become close to what I have in mind, but I'll get there! 

However, I promised that I will keep you updated during the transformation period, so here I am - keeping you updated :)

In the pictures you see only a small part of the studio, mostly because it is the only part that is shareable right now. The rest of the room is filled with boxes that have to go asap, a lovely green sofa that serves as a wardrobe and needs new cushions and a concrete floor that is super-dirty and needs a carpet.

What we've done though, while we had many orders (thank you valentines) to fulfill, is still impressive. With the help of my boyfriend, we have 5 storage shelving units ready, two large working tables, a sofa and all our materials put in place in order to make production viable.

We still need to hang our posters, print and frame new ones too, find some artwork pieces, add many many plants and overall make it lovely.

In other news, I have a great collaboration coming up this month (I will let you know when it's time) and I've been asked to share a bit about my behind the scenes life in the studio - hence I took a few pics of me as well! 

And I thought that it would be a great addition to this post since most of you don't know me and don't even know how I look like :) 

Because, yeah it's nice to show you how I will transform the space, but isn't it nicer to know who's actually transforming it? And bottom line, who's making your jewelry?