Perfect Winter myLifebox Outfit by Eline

Eline wearing mylifebox

When I saw Eline's look featuring our Beige Amsterdam, I couldn't stop smiling. It is not many times that you see someone wearing your designs exactly as you would. And practically that's what I love about my job...the fact that I see so many different women styling their myLifebox uniquely. 

But the few moments that I see someone styling them so simply and elegantly as I try to style them when wearing them, then I just can't help but smile :)

Eline's look is just a perfect casual winter look. For you who know Dutch you can read all about it on Your Daily Dose of Me - Eline's awesome blog. The rest who don't know Dutch can still enjoy her blog due to the lovely photos :) Win!

winter coffee outfit mylifebox

Image Courtesy : Eline Reynders for Your Daily Dose of Me

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