Spring Summer 2017: Inspiration

Spring Summer 2017: Inspiration

Spring Summer 2017: Inspiration


As the spring is slowly approaching I'm constantly thinking (read: dreaming) of warmer days under the sun, the sound of the waves at the beach and some iced coffee :)

I know I'm quite far from it now...here in Belgium the weather is still everything but spring-y. I've seen many of you posting IG stories of almond trees blooming + sunny days and I couldn't be more jealous frankly.

However, I'm working on my Spring Summer collection, which is almost complete I have to announce, so I do feel a bit summer-y at heart. OK...I'm designing while wearing a super warm oversized sweater, but yet again I get to see all those summer photos to draw inspiration from so I kinda set the mood :)

Today I placed the final material order of the season and these collages you see feature some of the actual cotton yarns of my upcoming collection.

OK, of course I couldn't show you eeeeverything, but this is a rough idea of how the collection will look like, both material- and texture- wise.

A lot of earthy tones - khakis, beige, nudes, brown - accompanied by some slight accents of mustard yellow, pine green + indigo (not shown here).

Also... LINEN! yes you read correctly! We're introducing linen yarn to the summer collection. I feel that linen is the ultimate summer material and I can't wait to show you what I've done with it :)

Lastly, I'm incredibly happy because I will finally release a brass + aluminum earring collection I've been working on for months!!! I'm pretty sure that you'll love it!