WEAR ME #15: That Summer Vibe

WEAR ME #15: That Summer Vibe

WEAR ME #15: That Summer Vibe


Summer is really here! You know why? Because tomorrow I'm finally going on vacation! 

Three - muuuuch needed - weeks off! Spent in Greece with my boyfriend and friends. I really can't imagine anything ruining this for me :)

So today's post is maybe a little "too" inspired by those hours I'm dreaming of spending on the beach.

Maybe I'm a bit late with the whole Birkenstock sensation but I decided that this summer these will be my "go-to" sandals. No matter how ugly some people find it - haha!

Do you also feel that the more you grow older and mature, the more important it gets to wear comfortable shoes? because for me this is absolutely the case! 

Well - you'll also see this Sunday, on my INSPO CRUSH post, how obsessed I'm lately with summer woven bags -- hence the feature of one here ;)

Also, I'm kind of leaning towards going the high-waisted bikini this year. How do you feel about it? 

Necklace: Khaki Milos

Sandals: Birkenstock | Swimwear: her.