WEAR ME #14: Accessories w/ a Twist

WEAR ME #14: Accessories w/ a Twist

WEAR ME #14: Accessories w/ a Twist

I often think about fashion and how it literally translates into our everyday life. I know we all admire many designers who are offering super complex garments. They are beautiful and unique; usually a bit pricey and for sure eye catching. 

The problem with these kind of designs is that you can't wear them easily everyday. Mostly because it will be quite evident that you are wearing the SAME thing everyday.

What I love about simpler clothes -- off white tshirts, denim trousers etc -- is that you can wear them everyday and by accessorizing it won't show :)

Brilliant, right?

Take the outfit above for example. Simple Tee + trousers. Add a couple of statement jewelry pieces, an awesome summer bag and unique -yet wearable- sandals AND BOOM!

You got an amazing outfit that will definitely make heads turn your way ;)

The power of accessorizing is great, if you think about it. And it really leaves room to owning more "evergreen" garments and invest in quality fabrics, instead of buying the trends that go out of style super -fast! 

You can read more about how I style a simple outfit in three different ways throughout one day (morning to evening) here ;)



Outfit: COS | Bag: Cult Gaia | Sandals: Creatures